A few words about us


The PINUS production company is located in Ulanów, at the point where the border line between Puszcza Sandomierska and Lasy Janowskie goes.

Natural forests make 47% of the local area. The wood ware production was first started in the old factory in Wólka Tanewska in 1986 and it was continued until 1999.

In 1999,  plant house was purchased in Ulanów and so the PINUS company was moved there. What’s more, on new plant we started our own plywood production. In the following years, the range of items produced was extended to the articles particulary designed for both house and garden.

Up to now, these products have been successfully received by big D.I.Y stores in Western Europe such as B&Q, Homebase, Castorama, Praktiker, OBI and more.
At present our factory is divided into two parts – production of wooden gallantry and production of wood boards for furniture industry customers like Ikea.
We respect the natural resources of our planet, therefore all our products are FSC® certified.

The number of workers in our factory was gradually increased and at the moment we are employing more than105 people.

We look to the future by increasing quality and quantity of our products, which goes hand in hand with increased employment in our company.

Business segments

SATISFIED CUSTOMERS ARE THE best proof of our dedication to excellence.


In the company’s main office situated in Ulanów we produce and sell different kinds of wooden assortment. Our company is one of the biggest manufacturing plants of this kind in the region. We offer wide range of high class wooden products designed for most diverse applications in house, workshop or garden (…designed for both professional or home use).
We are not afraid of any challenges or orders. Instead, we make our products with the utmost attention to detail.


One of the basic forms of our business is online sales located on Allegro.pl’s online auction platform. Our products are very popular among customers from Poland, Germany and England due to their superior quality, which goes hand in hand with competitive prices.

The superior quality

The thousands of positive opinions coming from both our regular and new customers suggest high level of satisfaction among them as well as the superior quality of our wooden assortment. Additionally, we make every effort to improve and develop our product offerings so that our assortment will satisfy diverse needs of our customers.

Quality and responsibility

careful attention to developed high quality standards is what makes us different from our competitors.

detailed quality control

The entire process of wooden assortment production in our company is carefully planned, conducted and constantly monitored in accordance with the most restrictive European quality system’s standards.

The production, from certified materials that are imported from abroad to finished products, is controlled by our employees from Quality Control Department. These specially trained controllers make sure that the entire production process in Pinus company is conducted in line with the regulations established by the Polish and international law.  
Furthermore, they support the Production Department in solving common problems, develop new working methods and offer the most effective solutions in modern wood industry.  

Certificates and licences


PINUS II A. Nagier production company joined Rzetelna Firma (Reliable Company) program initiated by KRD Economic Information Bureau, the institution operating under the supervision of the Ministry of Development, which helps to verify payment reliability of associated companies .  
Rzetelna Firma Certificate lets us to prove that we are the reliable, solid and fair business partner.
We care about our customers and we are proud of it.


Since 1990s, FSC certificate helps our company to trace the origin of the wood that we use in the production process. As the first production company in Podkarpackie Voivodeship we decided to become a responsible manufacturer and distributor of wooden assortment to make sure that our products do not contribute to environmental degradation. In a responsible way we want to engage in the sustainable development of green areas on the planet.



Our main office situated in Ulanów is equipped with so-called ‘SHOWROOM’. It is a place dedicated to our entire wooden assortment production as it pictures different periods of our operation since 1986. Many of the products manufactured in our company is perfect for decorating with decoupage technique therefore our ‘SHOWROOM’ is also full of unique and inspiring decoupage decorated items.  
Certainly,  every customer will find something interesting in our colection/SHOWROOM.